Shipping Methods

Mira Market is the first company in Germany to ship all foodstuffs on the same day through a special delivery team, in addition we will also be the first center to distribute fresh vegetables and fruits, fresh meat and poultry, cheese and milk through vehicles equipped with cooling systems for all our products arrive to the consumer with the high quality.

Delivery mechanism:

  1. The same day delivery service will only be available currently in the province of Berlin and Brandenburg, by ordering through our Android and Apple apps.
  2. All orders placed before 12:00 pm will be delivered within the same day.
  3. Orders that are placed after 12:00 pm will be delivered on the next day.
  4. All prices include taxes.
  5. Shipping prices are only 5 € per order.
  6. Free shipping for orders with more than 29,99 €.